About Us

OLC Hawthorne is known as the “friendliest church on earth”, because we welcome everyone as you are. We have something for all ages, so you can join and get involved with our church.

Since our inception, OLC has grown to a church that is known to be all about christ and the community.

We’ve served thousands and we look forward to seeing each and every one weekly at our services online or in person. 

Our church is built on the fact that we must reach others to spread the gospel, we must lead and build up the next generation of leaders and all while reaching our community as we aim to be that beacon of light for all generations. 


When you come to OLC Hawthorne, you can be confident that you can find a place to use your skills at OLC Hawthorne! 

Our top focus is increasing our faith, enhancing our fellowship, understanding financial literacy, facility appreciation, and functional protocols. 

Check out our ministries and programs below.

Our Pastor

This year is the year of “Full Christian Maturity.” The goal of Godliness is to become more like Jesus Christ and this year we want to mature as Christians together.

Please attend all of our services and bible studies in-person and online to really grasp the OLC experience. 

If someone happens to ask you what’s going on over at Olivet, tell them to


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At OLC our ministry is built on four pillars. We aim to reach the world through evangelism, empower the community with our leadership, promote fellowship with our congregation and also be strong advocates to our surrounding community.