About Foundation

The Sampson and Davis Scholarship Foundation, Inc. believe that education empowers individuals and opens doors of opportunity. The Foundation vows to keep those doors of opportunity open by providing financial assistance for higher education and building support systems to ensure continued success of our award recipients. The Sampson and Davis Scholarship Foundation, Inc. are open to all fields of study. Awarded recipients must show proven scholastic achievement, leadership, community service and financial need. The Scholarship Foundation furnishes direct financial support to students for post-secondary education. It provides information that students and families need to make financially sound educational choices. To those who share its vision, the Foundation offers opportunities to participate in its realization through financial and in-kind support and volunteerism. The Foundation contributes to enlightened public policy through advocacy for its vision of post-secondary educational opportunity without financial barriers. The Scholarship Foundation helps lead a collaborative network of community and educational partners dedicated to ensuring that students are prepared for post-secondary education and supported as they persist in their studies and earn their degrees.

How Sampson and Davis Scholarship Foundation Can Benefit You:

Sampson and Davis Scholarship Foundation can benefit your organization by providing opportunity for scholarship to youth in your community. As we are looking to expand our reach nationally, we welcome the opportunity to work and partner with other philanthropic organizations for the betterment of society.