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The Better Life Institute helps businesses and individuals reduce their stress when it comes to finance, business, and the personal fortitude that it takes to win in any climate. Building a better life includes growth challenges, employee issues, credit, financial literacy, and business sustainability, to name a few.

To sustain, you must evolve! – Dr. Ladre Weathersby

At BLI, we focus on giving you a new perspective when it comes to money, business, and your mindset. When all of these align, it enables you to find pleasure in running your business and life. The fact is, every endeavor is a journey of continuous improvement, so let us help you with yours.

It’s worth it, now let’s get started.

How We Do It


We begin with a discovery meeting to understand your specific needs. As a next step, that discovery meeting often results in a comprehensive growth plan.

Once engaged, we analyze documents, conduct interviews, and perform surveys. Therefore, we can provide a comprehensive report tailored to you or your company.


After the discovery meeting, we work together with you to implement solutions to targeted issues.

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