Golf Tournaments, Capital Campaign and Award Banquet Dinner

Golf Tournament

This tournament is to reach out to the community as well as the city of Orlando. The goal is to have as many people to participate and register to benefit our young people that are planning to attend college. The Sampson and Davis Foundation are giving assistance to our future. How we plan to do so is as follow:

Fundraising Raffle
Sell raffle tickets to help raise money for the scholarship that will be given away to each child that apply and get awarded. We will showcase all prizes before the tournament. We will also have raffle tickets to sell before the banquet and before the golf tournament.
Sell Merchandise
Will sell Golf Gear Apparel (Collared Golf Shirts, gloves, hats and etc.)
Golf Tournament and banquet
Will raffle off all prizes at the banquet. We will talk about the Sampson and Davis Scholarship Foundation and how the community can help the students get scholarships for college.
Capital Campaign:

The capital campaign is to raise money to go towards the scholarships for the students. Our goal is to focus on the student as a whole, preparing them to be competitive in the global economy and being committed in the communities and being capable of rising challenges of the 21st century.


The award banquet is to present the students their award letters.